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Joe's Message

How to Speak English Well

First of all, thank you for watching our videos every day! I want to tell you one of the best ways to improve your English speaking ability. What I think is effective is to think in English. Of course it is difficult for you to think about everything in English, but let's start with the things we find around us every day. If we study the things that we aren't interested in, it is very difficult for us to keep our motivation. When you start thinking in English, you will soon find many things that you can't say. In this case, you should look up the meaning somewhere. The things that you experience yourself, and look up yourself, will remain in your memory for much longer than something that you memorized from a book. If you approach English in this way every day, then your English ability is sure to improve. These days, you can easily download useful dictionary apps for your smart phones or tablets, making it easy to study anywhere. For example, when you are standing on the platform waiting for a train and looking at many people standing around, you might wonder how to express this in English. Are they standing in line? Are they forming a line? Are they lining up? What exactly are they doing? This is a perfect time to check your dictionary app for the proper way to say what you have seen. JouZu English is very helpful for when you are trying to say something in English. JouZu English gives you many expressions via video lessons which non-native speakers tend to not know or mistake every day. Watch JouZu English every day, and continue to think in English so that you can improve your English ability little by little, day by day. Thank you.

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