About JouZu English

Hello, my name is Joe, the teacher of these lessons. First of
all, do you know what “jouzu” means? This is a Japanese word
which means "good at" in English. I like this word.

Currently, I teach English for students and business people in
Japan, while learning Japanese myself.

I am from the state of Missouri, in the USA. Soon after
graduating from the University of Missouri - Institute of
Science and Technology, I traveled to several countries before
coming to Japan.   Since then, I have been teaching English to non-native
English speakers for the past 6 years.

To teach English is both my work and my passion.   I not only
have met a lot of nice, interesting people in my travels, but I
have also been very impressed to discover that a large
number of people learn English with great enthusiasm and
effort. I think it is quite wonderful!

I have seen many people who haven't been abroad but can
speak English surprisingly well.   But, at the same time, I have
come across several weak points that non-native English
speakers share.

One of these is, for example, describing small everyday
actions or situations.   I think that people can naturally learn
this if they live in an English-speaking country, but they have
few chances to do so in their own country.

So, I created this site ”JouZu English” to help English learners
all over the world become familiar with natural expressions
without going abroad.   ”JouZu English” is designed to help
people brush up on their natural English sense by just
watching short videos in a fun, easy-going manner. Watch a
few videos every day, and surely you will find something that
you didn’t already know!

If you like these videos, please subscribe to my Youtube
channel, and "like" my facebook page. Let's study together
every day!

Be a Jouzu speaker with Joe’s English lessons!

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